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Dadoush Lingerie Company:

We make home products with Syrian craftsmen.
We work to cover the Syrian geography with a network of branches and agents in all governorates in Syria
The cutting process is carried out using the latest automatic machines.
When we design our products, we set a goal to “satisfy you” with high quality, the most appropriate price, and a shape that suits your tastes.


The facility was established in 2001 after moving from the old facility in Damascus, which had been established since 1949.
The factory is located on a land area of 15 thousand square meters, and twenty retail stores are added to it in Syria:

- Damascus
- hummus
- Hama
- Aleppo
- Baniyas
- Alnabek

                                                  And branches in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria.


We manufacture home clothes, including women's pajamas and nightgowns, in addition to bridal lingerie, bras, and culottes.
With a production capacity of up to 3,000 pieces per day, approximately 370 workers work on it
The mold preparation process is carried out with the help of advanced equipment
We export our goods to all Arab countries in addition to 15 European countries, including:
Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, England, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Czechia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands.
In addition, of course, to our customers inside Syria....
Our experience in the field of manufacturing and development of our products constituted a great incentive to develop the quality of our products so that they satisfy all the desires of our customers in various parts of the world.



Opening Hours

Saturday - Thursday:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm




Dadoush Lingerie Factory - Damascus Countryside - Eastern Kiswah